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Westpomeranian Region – a seaside land full of wonderful adventures!  

The ‚Sea of Adventures’ – this slogan gives you the best idea of what the region is like. With a plethora of diverse qualities, the Westpomeranian Region is a place with the potential to attract each and every tourist.

Nature is what the Westpomeranian Region can be most proud of. Fine, spacious,

sandy beaches along with the surrounding Baltic Sea and dunes make it a perfect place both for recreational and active tourism. Abounding in rivers, lakelands and forests, it is a dream come true for all those who like to spend their holiday in natural settings, with National and Landscape Parks and Natural Reserves within the Region featuring some admirable and rare species of animals and plants.

Rich in water areas, the Region provides immense water tourism opportunities. Sailing, kayaking, diving, windsurfing or kitesurfing – no tourists who have visited the Westpomeranian Region are strangers to these forms of activity. Its well-developed network of rivers, lakes and the Szczecin Lagoon, as well as the Baltic Sea, all situated within one region, is what makes it possible to engage in all these sports. Combined, all the components provide perfect conditions for exploring and mastering the water routes popular among the devotees of water-sport frenzy.

The Westpomeranian Region is also unique for its therapeutic qualities, with its rich resources of peloid, its mild climate and its brine springs making the local health resorts, i.e. Świnoujście, Kamień Pomorski, Kołobrzeg, Połczyn Zdrój and Dąbki a valuable magnet for tourists and health resort visitors. A visit here is perfect for having a wonderful holiday-time and is ideal for boosting your health and lifting your looks. Its well-developed network of Wellness & SPA centres, a specific feature of the region prevailing mostly in the seaside strip, is another important asset.

The green spaces that abound here, such as forests and parks make for perfect conditions for developing active tourism. They provide an excellent setting for cycling, horse and walking trails and for the increasingly popular Nordic Walking, making the holiday both enjoyable and beneficial to health. Its interesting location and vast green spaces also foster golf tourism. The region has golf courses that attract golf-devotees from all around the world thanks to their unique qualities and European standards.

The Westpomeranian Region can also be proud of its cultural assets that have been crafted by its people. Supporting the natural qualities, they are an important component of the tourist packages. The cultural landscape of the Westpomeranian Region is a tangible testimony to its rich history marked by a combination of Western European, Polish and Scandinavian elements. The preserved landmarks, such as urban arrangements from the past, historic fortifications and bastions, numerous mediaeval villages, 13th-Century churches and post-monastic buildings represent characteristic hallmarks of the Region’s landscape and build its identity.

These cultural assets are complemented by the events held in the region. During these events, diverse aspects of regional history and traditions are presented in an exceptional and vivid way, consequently attracting tourists of various interests. They provide the opportunity to experience a wide spectrum of culture, to learn about various genres of music, theatre or film, or to participate in sporting contests. By attending these events, one can meet people from across the globe and interact with them.

To provide a glimpse into the history and tradition of the region, many theme villages were set up. Located in picturesque surroundings, these venues serve as reconstructions of historical villages and are made by the effort of people with genuine passion. As such, these places are “bustling with life”, attracting those tourists who seek both knowledge and enjoyment. Theme villages are not dedicated exclusively to adults – children are more than welcome to visit the Westpomeranian Region and take part in this fascinating lesson of history as well.

The Region’s culture also manifests itself in its beautiful cities. Each one is unique in its own right, be it through history, tradition or infrastructure. As such, they make a visit to our region a perfect opportunity for tourists to explore new places, meet new people and learn about local customs. Urban centres, such as Szczecin, Świnoujście, Kołobrzeg or Koszalin are the popular destinations of tourists from various parts of Poland and the world. Keep in mind, however, that the tourist map of the Westpomeranian Region features smaller localities as well. And with their interesting history and picturesque location, they are definitely a place to go to and explore.

The Westpomeranian Region has a well-developed network of high-quality accommodation facilities. Tired after a day exploring its abounding attractions, each visitor will have no problems finding a room to take a rest. The region is rife with hotels, motels, hostels and campsites, all offering services of high quality.

Thanks to the distinctive qualities of the region, we are delighted to have many tourists from Germany coming here. The region’s location near the Polish-German border and its favourable transport connection make for another major asset. The proximity of Germany and our region makes it perfectly convenient for our neighbours to the west to take weekend-trips to the Westpomeranian Region and enjoy a plethora of attractions that will surely make them want to come back for a longer stay!


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.