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Koszalin and the surrounding area

Koszalin is a city with county rights that is located between saltwater and freshwater, and has a population of 109 thousand. Following the incorporation of Jamno and Łabusz villages, on the First of January 2010, Koszalin has an area of 98 km2.

The county and city of Koszalin is a picturesque area teeming with green spaces (greens and parks). To the east, it ends with the Forest of Chełmska Mountain, a natural area used for recreational purposes bisected by two avenues, and on which is an education and natural path, a ropes course and an observation tower (31.5 m high) 

that provides an exquisite panorama view of Koszalin and the surrounding area up until the Baltic Sea. What is more, within the limits of the city, part of a bird reserve, „Lake Lubiatowskie” (covering 300 hectares of water and 70 hectares of marsh) is located. Also, the city is surrounded by the „Lake Parnowskie” reserve and a „Bielica” („Podsolic soil”) soil reserve and, to the north of the city, by the banks of Lake Jamno (the ninth largest lake in Poland).

Feel free to enjoy the very attractive cultural package provided by Koszalin’s cultural institutions: the Cultural Centre 105, the Juliusz Słowacki Baltic Drama Theatre, the Museum in Koszalin, the Stanisław Moniuszko Koszalin Philharmonic and the Joachim Lelewel Koszalin Public Library. The major events hosted in Koszalin include: „The Young and Cinema” Festival of debuting films, the International Organ Festival, the Rock Festival, the „Generacja” festival, the Hansa Jazz Festival, „You and me integrating” European Film Festival, a cabaret contest and many more events (for more information, see

All visitors to Koszalin are encouraged to learn about the architectural legacy of the city. Among its highlights are the Jamno culture heritage park, a 15th Century Gothic tenement house called „The Hangman’s House”, the Gothic Cathedral of the Saint Mary of Immaculate Conception (built in the 14th Century) and St. Gertrude’s Chapel. These monuments, coupled with other architectural highlights of the city, form the Old City Tourist Route. To get to Koszalin’s sandy beaches, take a 15 minute trip by rail bus (in operation since 2008), or get onboard the „Koszałek” vessel for a ferry crossing to get to the beach via Lake Jamno.

Koszalin is an increasingly popular destination for both those who go for some leisure, and for those who want to see and explore new places. Like mediaeval pilgrims setting out for the Chełmska Mountain (once a highlighted feature of old Koszalin), visitors to the city can be keen explorers of its legacy, getting involved in the wide range of cultural events held there, and engaging with the kind, helpful local people. This unique space, contained between the Baltic Sea and pristine lakes, allows you to live your life at its fullest, and to engage in various sorts of activities, outdoor sports and recreation!

Other places worth seeing include the:

a) Hortulus Theme Gardens in Dobrzyca,

b) Stone Circles in Grzybnica,

c) Święta Góra Polanowska (The Holy Mountain),

d) Hobbits Village in Sieraków Sławieński,

e) Church of the End Times in Iwęcino,

For more information go to:

The Regional Tourist Information Centre in Koszalin

Dworcowa Street 11-15
75-201 Koszalin
te. +48 94 / 346 24 40
fax. +48 94 / 343 51 67


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.