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Underground Tourist Routes

Underground Szczecin is another major tourist attraction within the Westpomeranian Region. Dispersed across the city area are air-raid shelters and bunkers, some of which have been thoroughly explored, some still to be further discovered. In 1941, the Germans completed the construction of a complex of air-raid shelters for civilians in Szczecin. To this end, it is claimed that old underground tunnels from the 19th Century were used.

The main shelter reaches approximately 5 floors below the ground. From the top exit at the Zawisza square, to the lower-level floor, it measures 17 metres in height. Its walls are made of 3-metres-thick reinforced concrete and the ceiling has a thickness of 2.8 metres. The longest straight-line corridor reaches 100 m. The total area of the shelter is 2500 sq. metres, out of which 1900 m2 is usable floor area.

Having eventually taken control of it, Poles soon converted it into a nuclear fallout shelter. As late as the early 1990s, Civil Defence training was provided there. The shelter still holds secrets, as it has not been fully established yet where the bricked up passages may lead. Interestingly, it is one of the largest World War II civilian shelters in Poland.

Representing the Rental & Tourism Centre, the devotees of the city, fascinated with its underground areas, have put a great deal of effort in making this magical place available to Szczecin inhabitants and visitors.

Tours across the Szczecin Underground Routes are held each day, starting from 12. At this hour, there are no limitations on the number of visitors.

On holidays, the tours are not held according to the regular schedule. For more information on the scheduled hours on Sundays and holidays, see the website or call:


Szczecin Underground Tourist Routes
Central Station of the Polish State Railways
Underpass near the gateway, near the entry into the platform No. 3 (red door)

Rent & Tourism Centre
Kolumba Street 1 Room 6 (near the Central Station of the Polish State Railways)
70-035 Szczecin
tel. +48 91 / 434 00 06 or 434 08 31
fax. +48 91 / 434 00 06

Come and visit Underground Szczecin!


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