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Lake Miedwie is located within the Westpomeranian Region on the Pyrzyce-Stargard Plain. Miedwie is the largest freshwater basin in the Region. It has an area of 35 km2, which ranks it as the 5th largest lake in Poland and the 2nd largest in the Region. With the surrounding marshes and plains, it is a unique place whose remarkable charm and natural qualities has since time immemorial, made people gravitate towards it.

Lake Miedwie is home to the following fish species: vendance, pike, perch, European eel, ide, carp, silver beam, tench, burbot, roach, pikeperch, bream and Miedwie common whitefish, as well as two crustacean species and many water birds.

Lake Miedwie is 15.700 m long, with the width ranging from 1.5 to 3 km. It is as deep as 48.3 m. Its coastline stretches for 28.8 km, and the area is 3527 hectares.

Recreational businesses are centred mainly on the northern end of the lake, where the coast is flat and covered by park silva. Two villages of Morzyczyn and Zieleniewo are located in the area. They were awarded by the Marshal of the Westpomeranian Region and the President of the Westpomeranian Regional Tourist Organisation with the „Westpomeranian Region Tourist Village” certificate.

These villages are located within the Kobylanka municipality. Since the early 20th Century, this locality has been a popular holiday resort for the population of Stargard Szczeciński, Szczecin and Kobylanka municipality. The tourist highlight of Morzyczyn/Zieleniewo is the “Education Path of Lake Miedwie” Boardwalk with its amphitheatre at Lake Miedwie. Spanning over 2 kilometres, this recreational complex is currently the largest tourist project of such type in the entire Region. The complex is comprised of nine jetties, including one 150-metre-long pier, observation points, benches, a „birdbath”, avenues in „the Park of Nature”, a skatepark, a playground, a basketball facility, ping-pong tables and, most importantly, a unique amphitheatre, the bowl of which emerges from Lake Miedwie. The entire boardwalk is adapted for the disabled.

Other interesting features in Morzyczyn/Zieleniewo include 4 harbours, a port, water equipment rentals, 20 holiday cottages, a campsite and six agricultural holdings providing agrotourism services. Yearly, the place is visited by approximately 200 thousand tourists. It is a dream come true for all anglers, and it is a wonderful site for all those who love to spend their free time actively, as there a plethora of attractions awaits them.

By the 13th Century, the lake was much smaller in area than it is now. Using a system of dams on the Płonia River, the Cistercians from Kołbacz artificially elevated the water level by about 2 metres. The lake waters quickly spread across the surrounding area, and the resultant shoals were used by the monks to establish large polders for breeding fish. Therefore, far into the water, it is shallow. Only at a certain point does it suddenly gets much deeper. It is the shallow water and hard bottom that make it a perfect setting for lying on the beach and for undertaking water sports.

The special character of the body of water in question is reflected not only in its landscape and tourist qualities. Since 1976, this lake has been a source of clean drinking water for Szczecin, with approx. 100 thousand m3 of water being drawn from it on a daily basis.

Westward, up until Bielkowo village, Lake Miedwie borders with the Goleniów Primeval Forest. Its shores to the east are steep or marshy and vegetated by reed, therefore they are less used for recreation: the prevailing fauna here includes numerous water birds. However, an abundance of recreational centres with water equipment rentals are spread around the lake, where bathing beaches exist. Among these are: Wierzchląd, Koszewko and Koszewo in the Stargard Szczeciński municipality, Lake Wierzbno and Turze in the Pyrzyce municipality, Żelewo in the Stare Czarnowo municipality, and Kunowo, Jęczydół, Morzyczyn and Zieleniewo in the Kobylanka municipality.