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Lake Dąbie, located within Westpomerania, is the largest lake of the Region. Its waters cover 54.08 km2, making it the fourth largest lake in Poland. On 15 October 1939, the entire lake area was incorporated into the City of Szczecin, capital of the Westpomeranian Region (the lake accounts for 18% of the Region’s area).

Lake Dąbie is a deltaic lake with shores that are low and marshy. It is situated within the delta of the Oder River, and it had established itself between the coastal berms of the Oder’s arms. On its eastern side, the lake has formed a levee. Lake Dąbie is the former bay of the Szczecin Lagoon which was cut off from the delta of the Ina River. It is a shallow water body, and is being increasingly overgrown.

Lake Dąbie covers an area of 5600 hectares and is 15 km long and 7 km wide. Its average depth is only 3.5 metres, with the maximum depth along the shipping route being 10 metres. With this depth level, Lake Dąbie is the only one in Poland to be available for seagoing vessels. The shipping route measures 14.5 km in length and 150 m in width, and is 10 m deep. Its displacement is at 2947 tonnes. It provides a connection between the Schwedt port at the Oder River and the Bay of Pomerania, thus through a system of channels, Lake Dąbie is connected with the main course of the Oder River. Lake Dąbie is divided into Greater Dąbie to the north and Smaller Dąbie to the south.

The following rivers flow into Lake Dąbie:

a) Duńczyca,
b) Święta,
c) Płonia
d) Regalica (the right arm of the Oder River).

The following rivers flow out of Lake Dąbie:

a) Iński nurt (the current of Ina),
b) Czapina,
c) Babina.

The shores of Lake Dąbie are home to a range of harbours, among them, the:

a) „Camping Marina” – the marina of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society,
b) marina of the Euro Yachtclub „Pogoń”,
c) „Marina Hotele” marina,
d) Yacht Club AZS marina,
e) marina of the „Scout Marine Centre” yacht club,
f) harbour of the Yacht Marine Club of the National Defence League,
g) harbour of the „Prawobrzeże” Marine League Club in Szczecin,
h) tourist harbour of the Marine Centre of the Palace of Youth,
i) tourist resort of the Goleniów Youth Sports House in Lubczyna.

Throughout the whole year, the prevailing wind direction at Lake Dąbie is northwest. This lake is the habitat of a variety of fish species: perches, European eels, roaches and other fish that come flocking from the Oder River. The range of fish species is, therefore, quite broad. Some other interesting fish species live within this lake. These include the sabrefish and the blue bream (both under protection). Lake Dąbie is also situated within the „The Lower Oder River Valley” area of special bird protection.

Another curiosity within Lake Dąbie is that on its bottom, to the north, near Inoujście, rests a sunken German tanker called ‚Ulrich Finsterewalde’. It was built in 1941 for transporting synthetic petrol from a plant in Police. Situated on the shores of the lake is the Szczecin district of Dąbie, as well as two villages of the Goleniów county: Czarna Łąka and Lubczyna.


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.