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Baltic Seacoast

The Westpomeranian Region, due to its location and natural values, is one of the most beautiful regions of Poland. It encompasses an almost 185 km section of the Baltic Sea coast with all of its values – sandy beaches, dunes, forests and shallow sea lakes. These provide the basis for the development of recreation and leisure tourism enterprises of a 3xS type (sea-sun-sand) type for active outdoor people. The wonderful, sandy beaches that can be found in this region are perfect, both for sunbathing and for summer sports (i.e. beach football or volleyball). Here, one will find a great leisure and recreation base, Spa centres, as well as natural and cultural attractions.

The Westpomeranian Region coast consists of the following parts:

a) Uznam Island – city: Świnoujście,
b) Wolin Island – towns and villages: Międzyzdroje, Wisełka, Międzywodzie,
c) the Trzebiatów Coast – towns and villages: Dziwnów, Dziwnówek, Łukęcin, Pobierowo, Trzęsacz, Rewal, Niechorze, Pogorzelica, Mrzeżyno, Rogowo, Dźwirzyno, Grzybowo,
d) the Koszalin Coast – towns and villages: Kołobrzeg, Ustronie Morskie, Gąski, Sarbinowo, Chłopy, Mielno, Unieście, Łazy, Dąbki, Bobolin, Żukowo Morskie, Darłówko, Wicie, Jarosławiec, Wicko Morskie.

It is also worth following the Lighthouse Trail. The seven lighthouses in the Westpomeranian Region that are on this trail are located in:

a) Świnoujście,
b) Kikut,
c) Niechorze,
d) Kołobrzeg,
e) Gąski,
f) Darłówko
g) Jarosławiec.

While on the coast, the following cities, towns and villages are well worth visiting:

a) Koszalin – a city with a county’s rights. Koszalin is the capital of Middle Pomerania, and is located just a few kilometres from the sea (11 km from the centre), at the foot of the picturesque Chełmska Mountain. It has numerous parks and green areas. The city is the 2nd largest and populated in the Westpomeranian Region, and is situated on the Dzierżęcinka River. There are theatres, cinemas, a philharmonic, an amphitheatre and museums. The oldest historical monument of Koszalin is its 14th-Century cathedral. Each summer, this hallowed building hosts the International Organ Music Festival. Another important historical monument is the St. Gertrude’s Gothic Chapel of 1384. There is also an Old Town Tourist Route with 27 listed structures and places of special importance for the city.

The Regional Tourist Information Centre in Koszalin
Dworcowa Street 11–15
75-201 Koszalin
tel. +48 94 / 346 24 40
fax. +48 94 / 343 51 67

b) Świnoujście – a seaside resort attracting large numbers of holidaymakers and patients from all over the Europe. The town has a nice climate, wide, sandy beaches and the safe, warm waters of the Baltic Bay, and more. Enthusiasts of active tourism will certainly be interested in its nine signposted tourist walking trails – along the beach to Międzyzdroje, the Świnoujście fortifications; in cycling trails – on the Uznam, Wolin and Karsibór islands; and in kayak routes throughout its nearby lakes and rivers – the „Land of 44 Islands” invites you to make an active visit to Świnoujście. For sailors there is the Northern Basin, a yacht harbour for over 200 units. The sunset cruises on the „Baltic Lady” are very popular as well, as are the 2-hour cruises on m/s Chateaubriand, of the Mieleński and Piast Canals.

Świnoujście Tourist Organisation
Armii Krajowej Street 12/321
72-600 Świnoujście
tel. + 48 91 / 321 95 27
fax. + 48 91 / 321 95 28

Tourist Information Centre in Świnoujście
Wybrzeże Władysława IV (ferry crosing)
72-600 Świnoujście
tel. + 48 91 / 322 49 99
fax. + 48 91 / 327 16 29

c) Międzyzdroje – this is a recreation and tourist centre situated on Wolin Island, where, right near the seaside promenade, there is the Promenade of Stars, with the hand imprints of the most prominent Polish actors and moviemakers. Due to the Stars Festival, Międzyzdroje deserves the name „The Polish Cannes”. In the town, there is the Wolin National Park Museum, as well as the Wisent Display Reserve. In Międzyzdroje, there is also a beautiful sandy beach, historic health-resort architecture, a Spa Park and the wax figures museum.

International Community Centre
Bohaterów Warszawy Street 20
72-500 Międzyzdroje
tel. +48 91 / 328 27 78
fax. +48 91 / 328 26 00

Tourist Information in the “Viking Tour” office in Międzyzdroje
Niepodległości Street 2a
72-500 Międzyzdroje
tel. +48 91 / 328 02 09
fax. +48 91 / 328 07 68

d) Wisełka – a little seaside village among the pine forests on the fringe of the Wolin National Park, Wisełka is situated in the Wolin municipality. In its environs, there is a beautiful beach and Lake Wisełka. When walking the Red Trail to the north-east, one can see the Kikut lighthouse. This is now entirely automated and is not open to the public.

e) Międzywodzie – a recreational resort with a bathing area, it is located on Wolin Island, and it has well-developed recreation and rehabilitation facilities. A small cinema opens there for the summer time. The beach is guarded by the WOPR (the Volunteer Water Rescue Service).


f) Dziwnów – a recreational resort, a bathing area and a harbour. There the Municipality Office is based. There are many interesting tourist attractions here, among these, a drawbridge over the Dziwna River and the scenic seaside promenade along the Spa Park. What is more, there is an Avenue of Sports Stars.


g) Dziwnówek – a summer sea bathing area in the Dziwnów municipality. The biggest attraction is its wide, sandy beach and the sea. In the town centre there is a metal mock-up lighthouse.




h) Trzęsacz – the smallest and one of the oldest villages in the Rewal municipality, Trzęsacz is located on a steep cliff abutting the sea shore. Its highlight are the famous ruins of the church from the turn of the 14th and 15th Century. These are well-known in Poland and all over Europe as well. In 1901, the church’s first wall collapsed into the sea, and only one last part of the church remains to this day – a part of the south wall, secured since 2001.

Trzęsacz History Museum
Klifowa Street 3B
72-344 Rewal
tel. +48 91 / 386 29 26


i) Rewal – a holiday resort and sea bathing area on the Baltic Sea coast. A narrow-gauge railway draws tourists to the Rewal municipality. It has been a great transportation mode since the dawn of rail travel, oscillating between the five towns and villages of the Rewal municipality. A historic steam locomotive from 1950s, pulling open carriages filled with tourists – this is a sight that is characteristic of the picturesque seaside Rewal municipality. A ride in the train is truly exciting and enables the tourists to see many interesting places along its route.

Information, Promotion and Recreation Centre of the Rewal municipality
Szkolna Street 1
72-344 Rewal
tel. +48 91 / 386 26 29
fax. +48 91 / 386 29 27

j) Niechorze – a seaside holiday resort and seaside bathing area in the Rewal municipality. Niechorze is a town in which there is a lot of holiday resorts, B&Bs, campgrounds and campsites. It also houses the Museum of Maritime Fisheries. In addition, there is the Gryfice Narrow Gauge Railway station, a marina and a lighthouse.

Maritime Fishery Museum
Bursztynowa Street 28
72-350 Niechorze
tel. +48 91 / 386 32 50

k) Mrzeżyno – a seaside resort and an active sea port, with a seaside bathing area and seasonal holiday and accommodation infrastructure. It is a tranquil resort for family tourism with its guesthouses, holiday centres, campsites and camping fields. The village is located in the Trzebiatów municipality.


l) Dźwirzyno – a seaside resort and an active sea port, with a seaside bathing area and seasonal holiday and accommodation infrastructure. It is a tranquil resort for family tourism with its guesthouses, holiday centres, campsites and camping fields. The village is located in the Trzebiatów municipality. Increasingly popular are therapeutic stays. At the level of „White Gull” camping, there is a shifting dune, a relic of the shifting dunes that once dominated the landscape, before the forestation.

m) Grzybowo – this village is situated by the Baltic Sea, in the Kołobrzeg municipality. Its main attractions are the sandy sea beach (with a width of 30-50 meters) by the open sea, and the location near Kołobrzeg, but away from the urban bustle. Near Grzybowo, the Baltic Sea coastline cuts 800 m into the land and forms a bay. As a result, the water is warmer here. There are bathing areas, guarded by WOPR. Also, in Grzybowo there are amazing peaty dune slopes. Moreover, there are many resorts and guesthouses here, some of them with very high standards. In addition, Grzybowo has the “Bursztynek” campsite.

n) Kołobrzeg -the popularity of which dates back to 200 years ago, is one of the most beautiful Polish health-resorts on the coast. Due to its reputation as a health-resort, Kołobrzeg was called the „Baltic Sea Pearl”, a name given to it before the war by the patients, as oppose to the officials. The natural qualities, which make Kołobrzeg a great health-resort, consist of its mineral water (saltwater), its peat bogs, its local climate and its exceptional greenery. In Kołobrzeg, one can find health and rest, as here the holidays are all year round. One of the city’s advantages is that it has 11 kilometres of direct access to the open sea. However, the city’s pride is its Spa Park, supplemented by the seaside promenade and the beach. Kołobrzeg’s showcase is its Concathedral Basilica (collegiate church).

Promotion and Information Centre in Kołobrzeg
Ratuszowy Square 2/1
78-100 Kołobrzeg
tel. +48 94 / 355 13 20 or 354 72 20
fax. +48 94 / 355 13 20

Tourist Information Centre in Kołobrzeg
Dworcowa Street 1
78-100 Kołobrzeg
tel. +48 94 / 352 79 39
fax. +48 94 / 352 79 39
Open (off-season): 8.0016.00

o) Ustronie Morskie – an attractive resort located on the seacoast along the Kołobrzeg – Koszalin route. Tourist services here are provided in almost 240 facilities adjusted for all needs. In the tourist season, active recreation enthusiasts can enjoy our numerous walking and cycling trails. Here, one can admire rare buildings of wattle-and-daub architecture, as well as one of the oldest Pomeranian churches – the Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Rusowo. Also, the tourist and sightseeing flights that originate here are very popular nowadays. These enable all to admire the seaside panorama.

Tourist Inforation and Promotion Centre in Ustronie Morskie
Osiedlowa Street 2B
78-111 Ustronie Morskie
tel. +48 94 / 351 41 75 or 351 41 89
fax. +48 94 / 351 41 75

p) Gąski – a summer-resort village at the Baltic Sea, it has a light station.




r) Mielno – an inviting seaside village, located on a wide and sandy beach, surrounded by forests growing along the dunes. Tourists here can use the guarded bathing areas, swimming pools, pitches, tennis courts, gyms and biological regeneration centres. The municipality also has walking and cycling tourist trails, as well as the kayak route through Lake Jamno. In addition, numerous cultural events enrich the visitors’ leisure time. Indeed, the International Winter-bathers Rally in Mielno is a large and spectacular event. It is the only one in the country and in the entire world with such large numbers of winter-bathing lovers.

Promotion and Tourist Information Office in Mielno
Lechitów Street 23
76-032 Mielno
tel. +48 94 / 316 61 52 or 318 99 55


s) Dąbki – a health-resort village located in the Darłowo municipality. Dąbki has numerous individual health centres specialising in catering to orthopaedic and traumatic needs, as well as treating rheumatic, cardiac and hypertension problems, diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tracts and endocrinological diseases.

t) Darłowo – its highlight is the Gothic castle, where Erik I of Pomerania, King of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, was born and raised. Erik I is also called the last Viking of the Baltic Sea. The king’s tomb is located in the largest of the three Gothic churches in the town. Today, the castle is home to a Museum with valuable exhibits of mediaeval sacral art and of historic monuments connected with Pomeranian culture. Another architectural pearl is the Scandinavian Gothic church of St. Gertrude. The clean and healthy iodised air of Darłowo, with the scent of the seaside pine forests, and its sunny, sandy and wide beaches provide rest and improve health. The tourist package is further expanded by way of the town’s spa hotels and well-developed biological regeneration facilities. Active tourists will find cycling trails, horse riding, quad riding, water scooters and motorboats, as well as high-sea fishing by way of the local fishing boats. Darłowo is also known for its yearly rally of historical army vehicles.

Darłowo Museum – The Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle
Zamkowa Street 4
76-2150 Darłowo
tel. +48 94 / 314 23 51
fax. +48 94 / 314 23 51

u) Darłówko – a seaside district of the town of Darłowo. This district has its own harbour and lighthouse, as well as numerous guest houses and holiday homes. The main attractions of Darłówko are its water park (with heated sea water), as well as its conference centre.



w) Jarosławiec – a recreation and leisure village situated in the Postomino municipality. Jarosławiec has rocky and sandy beaches and a sea harbour. Among its main attractions are a lighthouse and a modern water park.


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.