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Myśliborskie Lakeland is the land of the water sports and the place to be for fishing enthusiasts. The numerous large lakes in Myśliborskie Lakeland allow sports-people to sail, kayak, windsurf and undertake other water motorsports.

In the Myśliborskie Lakeland, there are 380 lakes with a total area of over 1 ha. The region’s main lakes are Myśliborskie, Lubie, Czółnowskie, Chłop, Golenicko-Dobropolskie and Barlineckie. Among the best kayak routes are the Płonia River (especially on the section from Lake Miedwie to Szczecin) and the Myśla River as well.

Myśliborskie Lakeland is a meso-region located in the south-west part of the Westpomeranian Region. It spans the area from the Chojna municipality in the west, to Pełczyce in the east. In the Lakeland, there are two smaller units: Choszczeńskie and Dobiegniewskie Lakelands.

In the central part of the Lakeland, the landscape consists of picturesque moraine hills and large forest areas. In the westernmost area, there is the Cedynia Landscape Park, and in the south-east, there is the Barlinek-Gorzów Landscape Park. Numerous and important forest complexes can be found within the Myśliborskie Lakeland.

The major ones are the Barlinek and Piasek Forests.

Most of the towns and villages in this region have mediaeval origins and interesting histories. The largest towns and villages of the Myśliborskie Lakeland are Myślibórz, Barlinek, Chojna, Moryń and Trzcińsko–Zdrój. There are 16 lakes of area greater than 100 ha. These are:

a) Płoń (area 738 ha, depth 4,5 m),
b) Myśliborskie (area 630 ha, depth 22 m),
c) Morzycko (area 342 ha, depth 60 m),

d) Chłop (area 326 ha, depth 37 m),
e) Barlineckie (area 267 ha, depth 18 m),
f) Duży Pełcz (area 238 ha, depth 40 m),
g) Łubie (area 182 ha, depth 8 m),
h) Kościelne (area 168 ha),
i) Będzin (area 166 ha, depth 13 m),
j) Wądół (area 155 ha, depth 15,9 m),
k) Karskie Wielkie (area 150 ha, depth 15 m),
l) Strzeszewskie (area 150 ha, depth 10 m),
ł) Mętno (area 141 ha, depth 4 m),
m) Golenickie (area 110 ha, depth 12,1 m),
n) Jeleńskie (area 105 ha, depth 21 m),
o) Narost (area 105 ha, depth 13 m).

Myśliborskie Lakeland contains the following marinas:

a) TKKF Storm Sailing Club, in Barlinek (Barlineckie),
b) „Janowo” Holiday Resort, in Barlinek (Barlineckie),
c) the sea beach in Moryń (Morzycko),
d) „Szkuner” Inter-school Sports Club (Myśliborskie).

In the Myśliborskie Lakeland, there are almost 900 beds for the sleepy tourist. It should also be mentioned that Myśliborskie Lakeland is located near to large urban agglomerations. The lakeland is just south of Szczecin, north-west of Poznań, and just east of Berlin. In Myśliborskie Lakeland, the following water equipment rentals can equip you for your adventure:

a) TKKF Storm Yacht Club, in Barlinek,
b) „Janowo” Holiday Resort, in Barlinek,
c) „Under the Pines” guest house, in Barlinek,
d) „Ester” Rental, in Barlinek,
e) „Wądół” yacht harbour (the Lipiany municipality),
f) „Gądno” Holiday Resort, in Moryń,
g) Interschool Sports Club „Szkuner”, in Myślibórz,
h) the Sports and Recreation Centre on Lake Myśliborskie, in Myślibórz.

Myśliborskie Lakeland has the following water sports centres:

a) The Sports and Recreation Centre, in Barlinek,
b) Lipiany Watersports Club with its harbour on the Wądół Lake (the Lipiany municipality),
c) the Watersports Centre on Lake Morzycko (the Moryń municipality),
d) „Szkuner” Interschool Sports Centre in Myślibórz,
e) the Sports and Recreation Centre on Lake Myśliborskie, in Myślibórz.

In the Myśliborskie Lakeland, the following yacht and kayak clubs can be found:

a) TKKF „Sztorm” Yacht Club, in Barlinek,
b) the Lipiany Watersports Club (the Lipiany municipality),
c)  „Szkuner” Interschool Sports Club, in Myślibórz,
d) UKS Myślibórz,
e) ZKŻ „Sztaksel” (the Pełczyce municipality).

In the Myśliborskie Lakeland, there are 2 diving bases:

a) „Scuba-discovery” Diving School, in Lipiany,
b) „Actacus” Divers’ Club, in Moryń.

On Lake Barlineckie, in Barlinek, tourist boat cruises start from the harbour by the „Janowo” Holiday Resort. On Lake Myśliborskie, cruising is made possible by the „Inga” tourist boat.


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.