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The Szczecineckie Lakeland is a land ready-made for water sports enthusiasts, including those who water-ski and fish. Its numerous large lakes allow sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and water motorsports.

Szczecineckie Lakeland is a meso-region in the north-western part of the Westpomeranian Region. To the north, it borders Drawskie Lakeland, in the west and north-west it shares borders with the Wałecka Plain, and in the east, it does so with the Gwda River Valley.

In the past, large areas of the region near Borne Sulinowo were used by the Soviet military. Currently, there in this town there is a museum and a Tourist Information Centre. Szczecineckie Lakeland has four Nature reserves. These are: „Dęby Wilczkowskie”, „Sośnica”, „Glinki”and „Golcowe Bagno”.

The biggest cities of the Szczecineckie Lakeland are Szczecinek, Borne Sulinowo, Grzmiąca and Barwice. There are twelve lakes here of area greater than 100 ha. These are:

a) Wielimie (area 1865 ha, depth 5 m),
b) Pile (area 1002 ha, depth 54 m),
c) Wierzchowo (area 780 ha, depth 40 m),
d) Dołgie (area 310 ha, depth 20 m),
e) Trzesiecko (area 295 ha, depth 12 m),
f) Ciemino (area 252,5 ha, depth 15 m),
g) Zalew Nadarzycki (area 206,5 ha),
h) Wielatowo (area 182 ha, depth 5 m),
i) Lubicko Wielkie (area 168,5 ha, depth 30 m),
j) Radacz (area 162 ha, depth 8 m),
k) Śmiadowo (area 132,5 ha, depth 15 m),
l) Studnia (area 102 ha, depth 24,9 m).

Szczecineckie Lakeland contains the following marinas:

a) „Bosman” Yacht Club, in Piława (Lake Pile),
b) the „Marina” Conference and Recreation Resort in Borne Sulinowo (Lake Pile),
c) Szczecinek Local Tourist Organisation, in Szczecinek (Lake Trzesiecko).

There are almost 500 beds waiting for the tired traveller in the Szczecineckie Lakeland. In addition, the following water equipment rentals are ready to help equip the adventurer:

a) „Kayakists”, in Borne Sulinowo,
b) Roman Petrowicz kayak rental, in Borne Sulinowo,
c) „Komandos” rental, in Borne Sulinowo,
d) Service and Trade Company, B.J. Barscy, in Nadaczyce (the Borne Sulinowo municipality),
e) the Sports and Recreation Centre on the town beach in Szczecinek,
f) „Jolka” Restaurant in Szczecinek,
g) the Szczecinek Local Tourist Organisation in Szczecinek,
h) „Tavern”, in Szczecinek,
i) PTTK „Wiarusy” Army Club, in Szczecinek,
j) CIT bicycle rental, in Szczecinek.

The following water sports centres can be found in the Szczecineckie Lakeland:

a) „Marina” Conference and Recreation Resort, on Lake Pile, in Borne Sulinowo,
b) „Akademia Nautica” Water Sports Centre, in Szczecinek,
c) the Sports and Recreation Centre in Szczecinek.

In the Szczecineckie Lakeland, the following yacht and kayak clubs await the adventurer:

a) „Bosman” Yacht Club, on Lake Pile, in Piława (the Borne Sulinowo municipality),
b) „Akademia Nautica” Water Sports Centre, in Szczecinek,
c) the „Żółw” Kayak Tourism Club, run by the PTTK department of the Locomotive Depot, in Szczecinek,
d) Interschool Sports Yacht Club „Orlę”, in Szczecinek.

On Lake Trzesiecko, in Szczecinek, cruising can be done on the „Księżna Jadwiga” excursion boat and the „Bayern” Szczecinek Water Tram.


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.