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Narrow-Gauge railways

In the early 20th Century the area of West Pomerania had a network of narrow-gauge railways with a total length of 740 km – one of the longest railways of its type in Europe. In 1945 the railway was taken over by PKP (Polish National Railways), but, due to considerable wartime damage and stolen infrastructure elements, some parts were not reconstructed.

Currently only in the summer season are the following narrow-gauge railway lines operated:

a) Gryfice – Pogorzelica
b) Koszalin – Manowo
c) Połczyn Zdrój – Barlinek (planned)

1. The Gryfice Narrow-Gauge Railway

The Gryfice Narrow-Gauge Railway comprised a total of 175.6 km of tracks. The first line from Gryfice to Niechorze was launched on 1 July 1896. This rapidly-growing traffic influenced the decision to build further lines. On 1 December 1903 the entire line to the harbour in Stepnica was finished. Soon the line turned out to be of great significance to the region. In connection with the development of tourism and beach-bound traffic, on 30 June 1912 the section from Trzebiatów to Mrzeżyno was opened, and less than a year later the trains from Trzebiatów to Niechorze started running.

In 1996 all the existing sections were still usable: Gryfice – Trzebiatów – Niechorze and Gryfice – Golczewo – Stepnica. In the last period of PKP’s activities here, the section from Trzebiatów to Pogorzelica was closed down in 1999 due to the poor condition of the bridge over the Rega.

Currently only one line is active – 39.5 km from Gryfice, through Trzęsacz, Rewal, Śliwin, and Niechorze to Pogorzelica. It is 22% of all lines of the former Gryfice Narrow-Gauge Railway. In 2002 the Rewal Commune became its owner and manager, restarting passenger transport within a tourist product called the Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway. In 2009 the railway carried more than 110,000 passengers. The line is financed by the Rewal Commune. In 2011 repairs were started on the Gryfice – Rewal – Niechorze section.

Attention! This year (2012) the narrow gauge railway will be closed due to repairs!

More information:

The Tourist Information Centre in the Meridian 15 Museum in Trzęsacz
Klifowa Street 3b
tel. +48 91 / 386 29 26 (in season)

Tourist Information Point in Niechorze
Bursztynowa Street 28
tel. +48 91 / 386 32 50

Tourist Information Point in Rewal
Szkolna Street 1
tel. +48 91 / 386 26 29

Tourist Information Point in Pobierowo
Jana z Kolna Street 4
tel. +48 91 / 386 47 41 (in season)


2. The Koszalin Narrow-Gauge Railway

The Koszalin Narrow-Gauge Railway had 129.52 km of tracks. The first line – 32.2 km-long from Koszalin to Nacław was launched on 1 November 1898. After its administration was taken over by PKP in September 1945 no lines were available, as the Soviet Army had disassembled the substructure. After the War some of the lines were re-launched. The last line from Koszalin to Świelin was closed in 2001.

2005 saw the establishment of the Koszalin Narrow-Gauge Railway Friends Association whose main goal was to reactivate the railway on the section between Koszalin and Świelino. The first test rides on the section between Koszalin and Manowo took place in 2008. Today, the Association is still organising rides to Manowo. Bicycles are allowed.


The Koszalin Narrow-Gauge Railway Friends Association

Wenedów Street 24a/11
75-847 Koszalin
tel. +48 601 154 937


3. The Baltic Tourist Railway

On 21 July 2011 the Pomeranian Dukes Castle in Szczecin hosted the signing of the letter of intent on cooperation within the project „The renovation of the inactive railway line No. 410 on the section Połczyn Zdrój – Złocieniec – Wierzchowo – Mirosławiec – Kalisz Pomorski – Drawno – Choszczno – Pełczyce – Barlinek for the purposes of active tourism – the Baltic Tourist Railway”. The signatories of the letter were:

a) The Westpomeranian Region – the supporting entity,
b) Kolej Bałtycka SA – the project coordinator,
c) Barlinek Commune,,
d) Choszczno Commune,,
e) Drawno Commune,,
f) Kalisz Pomorski Commune,,
g) Mirosławiec Commune,,
h) Pełczyce Commune,,
i) Połczyn-Zdrój Commune,,
j) Wierzchowo Commune,,
k) Złocieniec Commune,.

This cooperation is intended to take advantage of the inactive railway line No. 410, with a length of 141 km, for tourist purposes – to create a new tourist product – handcar railway. This kind of tourism is growing in popularity in Germany and Scandinavia; also in Poland there are several organisations dealing in handcar tourism. For its development, it is essential that the interested bodies take over the railway lines from their current owner.


Kolej Bałtycka S.A
Stacyjna Street 3
tel. +48 91 / 471 21 45


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.