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Theme villages

The Westpomeranian Region especially welcomes school age children to have fun in its many theme villages. In the Sianów and Malechowo municipalities there are 5 theme villages to be enjoyed. These are:

1. Hobbits Village – Sierakowo Sławieńskie,
2. End of Times Village – Iwięcino,
3. Labyrinths and Springs Village – Paproty,
4. Healthy Living Village – Dąbrowa,
5. Fairy-tale and Bicycles Village – Podgórki.

These villages are full of interesting attractions, games and activities. Children of all ages can certainly have a fun time here. For several years, the organisers have made sure these places are full of entertainment, education and creative stimulation. Their residents welcome all those who want to play in a creative way, experience an adventure, explore incredible mysterious worlds, search for treasure, take part in the games and create their own souvenir that will be reminders of a time well spent.

Sierakowo Sławieńskie / Hobbits Village

Sierakowo Sławieńskie is a place hidden in the „Dark forest”, within the Sianów municipality. One can reach Sierakowo Sławieńskie through its narrow roads, and when it seems that the travellers are truly, hopelessly lost, they suddenly see the wide Hobbits’ glade. Here, one can meet Gandalf, Entian and the Gollum. Be wary however, as one has to watch out for the Orcs and Trolls. Each year the Hobbit’s valley hosts cyclical events. In May, there is a „May-day Picnic with a Hobbit” and in June, a Summer Welcome event is held. In mid July, visitors may take part in a dance party in the Hobbits’ Village, and in August, they can attend the Hobbit’s Fair. The season ends with Bilbo’s birthday party, organised in September.

The Hobbits Village offers:

a) the „Hobbit there and back again” role-playing game,
b) blacksmith demonstrations in the „Dwarves’ Smithy”,
c) the Palantir,
d) a visit to the „Troll’s Inn”,
e) Hobbits’ games and play,
f) ceramic workshops,
g) disc – golf tournament,
h) Cistercian workshops,
i) diary keeping and handicraft workshops


the Hobbiton Association

Sierakowo Sławieńskie – the Sianów municipality, the Koszalin county
tel. +48 606 122 181

Iwięcino / End of Times Village

Iwięcino is located at the end of the world, with only marshes, lake and sea behind it. Yet, for many centuries, the tower of Iwięcino’s church helped ships to navigate along the Baltic coastline, and the „Final Judgement” painted on the church’s ceiling panels indicated the path to justice. Nowadays, the residents have created a theme village, with many games and workshops dedicated to the mediaeval and Cistercian origins of the village and its folklore.

End of Times Village offers:

a) Cistercian workshops: „Along the Cistercian trail from the Bukowo Morskie, or… Ora et Labora”,
b) regional education – Westpomeranian Region’s Christmas and Easter traditions,
c) handicraft workshops,
d) „Heaven and Hell” – puzzle-solving events,
e) a sundial,
f) „Devilish rocks” – a geologic education path,
g) calligraphy,
h) kayaking trips,
i) astronomical observations.


the Association for the Development of Iwięcino

Iwięcino – the Sianów municipality, the Koszalin county

tel. +48 721 325 196

Paproty / Labyrinths and Springs Village

Paproty is a village in the Malechowo municipality, located on the edge of the picturesque pro-glacial stream valley of the Grabowa River. There, on the wet peaty meadows, the residents planted a complex of labyrinths. On visiting, everyone can experience the feeling of being lost and found in a traditional maze. One can also try basket weaving, making whistles or pipes with one’s own hands, learn the history hidden in the peat bog, shoot the balloon catapult and, finally, run around the wide meadows surrounded by beautiful scenery.

The Labyrinths and Springs Village offers:

a) The Druid’s Secret field game,
b) conquering the labyrinth tower,
c) climbing the sand Mountain,
d) shooting the balloon catapult,
e) willow whistle and star making,
f) education and art workshops with the use of peat and wicker,
g) disc – golf training and tournament,
h) lectures about renewable energy and solar battery demonstrations.


The Association of the Lovers of the Proglacial Stream Valley of the Grabowa River in Paproty

Paproty – the Malechowo municipality, the Sławno county
tel. +48 608 646 581

Dąbrowa / Healthy Living Village

Dąbrowa is a village where one can still hear the rooster’s crow, where the cows graze, and the housewives make butter and bake bread. The women of Dąbrowa have their own market stall with which they travel and sell their products. Dąbrowa is also a village with roots, which date back to the Middle Ages. The mill, which can be observed nowadays, stands in a place where the Cistercians installed the first millwheel, approx. 700 years ago. In Dąbrowa, one can visit the „Wesoła Łączka” agritourism farm, caress the ponies or make a fire after a walk in the picturesque forest.

Healthy Living Village offers:

a) guided tours of the historic Church,
b) tales about the Cistercian Order: „Building an Abbey” field game,
c) Cistercians and herbs – identifying the herbs, a tale about the Cistercian garth, tea drinking, identifying the flavours,
d) tin moulding workshops,
e) a workshop: Weighing and measuring in the Middle Ages, using water to move the machine,
f) workshops on catapult and bow making, or on fighting in the past – catapult shooting, bow shooting and manufacturing, games and a knight’s training,
g) a visit to the woodcarver’s workshop, a demonstration of the carpenter’s tools and wood engraving,
h) workshops on arranging a mandala,
i) „wet sandpit” workshops,
a Cistercian Pétanque game – training and tournament,
k) Easter and Christmas craft workshops,
l) games and play on the „Happy Meadow”.


The Association for the Development of the Dąbrowa Village – Healthy Living Village

Dąbrowa – the Sianów municipality, the Koszalin county
tel. +48 94 / 314 93 68

Podgórki / Fairy-tale and Bicycles Village

Podgórki is a village where one wanders up and down. A beautiful historic park, and its ravines and forests create a mysterious aura about the village. It is easy to imagine that dwarves, brownies and other fairytale creatures live here. This village is situated in the Malechowo municipality, near Ostrowiec. It has a historic 15th-Century church and former PGR (state-owned farm) buildings that are used by the village residents as workshops.

Fairy-tale and Bicycles Village offers:

a) a guided walk with a naturalist along the fairy-tale Nature path,
b) the opportunity to rent fairy-tale costumes and take photographs in the fairy-tale scenery,
c) organised campfires and campfire entertainment,
d) feasts with local food, dances and karaoke in the „Grange Room” („Sala na Folwarku”),
e) disc – golf tournaments,
f) sports fun (springboard activities, water volleyball),
g) wa visit to the Gucio’s apiary – discovering the world of bees, bee products and the production of beeswax candles.


„Together into the Future” Association for the Development of the Podgórki Village

Podgórki – the Malechowo municipality, Sławno county
Podgórki 29a
76-129 Ostrowiec
tel. +48 509 073 316


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.