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In the Westpomeranian Region, there are numerous fortifications. These are the relics of the many wars, which did not spare these areas.

Pomeranian Wall Fortifications Trail

In the Wałeckie Lakeland, for tourists with an interest in history, a most interesting attraction is the remains of the so-called „Pomeranian Wall”. When Hitler was preparing for his war against Poland and the world, in 1934, he ordered intensive re-construction of the fortifications spanning the Baltic Sea coast from Darłowo up to the „Międzyrzecz Fortified Region”.

In the villages of Nadarzyc, Wałcza and Strzalin, we can find bunkers with walls 210 cm thick and with roof-slabs 190 cm thick. These were originally equipped with medium calibre quick-firing cannons, antitank cannons, heavy machine-guns and mortar grenade launchers. The shelters were located every 400-600m, ensuring complete coverage of the entire foreground.

These fortifications were tested in the difficult and bloody battles for the Pomeranian Wall that took place in the year 1945. Today, the evidence of these battles is seen in the remains of the destroyed bunkers and shelters that can be found throughout the Wałeckie Lakeland, as well as in the artefacts salvaged for museum expositions. To commemorate these events, each year, in the first week of June, there is a Pomeranian Wall Fortifications Trail Rally.

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Świnoujście – fortress on the islands

The programme for the development of the restored fortifications for tourist purposes – „Świnoujście – fortress on the islands” – was awarded the Polish Tourist Organisation Certificate. The trail includes the most intriguing historical monuments of military architecture on the eastern and western side of the Świna River estuary.

The trail starts at the oldest and most interesting defensive structure of the left river bank – the Eastern Fort, also known as „Gerhard’s Fort”. It is one of the best conserved 19th-Century waterfront forts in this part of Europe. Built by Prussian artificers, it was one of four basic defensive creations that formed the maritime ‚Fortress Świnoujście’. For the tourists, there are many surprises to be found here, i.a., the commanding officer’s sabre, re-enacted night manoeuvres and searching for gold.

On the right bank, there are two other forts. The Western Artillery Fort, built during 1856-61, once formed one of four fortresses on the Świna River estuary that were meant for the defence of the harbour entrance and for potential battle with ships at sea. Currently, the Western Front features an exposition of a few torpedoes and cannons, i.a., sea cannons. In the summer season, there are also occasional antique fairs and military bazaars for the collectors.

In the Angel’s Fort, built in 1845-58, on a design based upon Hadrian’s Mausoleum in Rome (presently the Saint Angelo Castle), there are exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography, as well as music concerts and poetry readings.

Additional information:

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