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Wisent and white-tailed sea eagle

In the Westpomeranian Region, endangered species exist that were once allowed to be hunted only by Royalty. These are the wisent and the white-tailed sea eagle. They are both under special protection these days, as their numbers have decreased rapidly in modern times.

In the Westpomeranian Region, wisent can be found in:

a) the Wałcz forest inspectorate (a part of Mirosławiec and Drawsko Pomorskie) – 43 wisents can be found here,
b) the area of Łobez and Dobrzany – 8 wisents each,
c) in the Wolin National Park – 5 wisents.

In Międzyzdroje, in Wolin National Park, there is the Wisent Display Reserve. The farm has an area of 28 ha, and the distance from it to the centre of Międzyzdroje is 1.5 km. Here, the wisent herd is corralled within a 20 ha paddock, and there are viewing platforms outside the fence.

These animals were brought into the region in July 1976. Initially there were four wisents: „Pomina”, „Podskakiewicz”, „Pompeja” and „Podwyżka”. Currently, most of the wisents living in the farm were born here, and 1-2 wisent calves come into the world at this farm each year. Now, there are five wisents in the farm in Międzyzdroje. All lowland wisents, (among them, the wisent from Wolin), are registered and marked in the Wisent Pedigree Book. Their names in Polish start with PO – the first letters of the word POLAND.

In the Wisent Display Reserve, one can also encounter up close, in separate places, wild boars, deer and white-tailed sea eagles. Most of these are convalescents, which, after recovering, will be set free again. However, in the farm there is a white-tailed sea eagle named ‚Jurand’, who will not be set free, as she was born blind and would not survive in her natural habitat. Importantly, all these animals are under constant veterinary care.

The white-tailed sea eagles also live in the open. In the Westpomeranian Region, they are most numerous in and around the Szczecin Lagoon area, around Wolin Island (with nine couples within the area of 13 km2), within Wkrzańska Forest and in the Myśliborskie and Drawskie Lakelands.

It is also worth mentioning that the white-tailed sea eagle is the symbol of the Wolin National Park. Furthermore, in the park, there is a bird hatchery where subsequent generations of birds have been nesting and raising their fledglings for 120 years.

Opening hours of the Wisent Display Reserve:
1 May – 30 September: 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. (except Mondays)
1 October – 30 April: 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. (except Sundays and Mondays).

Ticket price:

Concessionary: PLN 3.00
standard: PLN 5.00

For additional information and pricing, please visit our webpage, or call:

Wolin National Park

Niepodległości Street 3a
72-500 Międzyzdroje
tel. 91 / 328 07 27 or 328 07 37
fax. 91 / 328 03 57


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