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Sailing boats

For sailing enthusiasts, Westpomerania is a true paradise. Picturesque water trails, unique water reservoirs of diversified specificity, landscape values and hospitable ports. More importantly, there are numerous events for sailors to participate in and for the „landlubbers” to watch and fall in love with this sport.

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Szczecin and its neighbourhood is characterised by a unique geographical position. The city is located on the Oder River, Lake Dąbie and Szczecin Lagoon. For thousands of sailing enthusiasts from the inland – especially those whose mother ports are located in Berlin and north-eastern Germany – it is also a window on the Baltic Sea. Through the network of canals and rivers, you can even navigate from Szczecin to Paris and beyond.

Sailing tourism on Lake Dąbie

Lake Dąbie is a delta lake in the Oder River Valley. Through its south-western shore, Lake Dąbie connects with the Duńczyca River (west and east). The Regalica River flows out of its southern shore, flowing out of the eastern Oder River. Two rivers flow into the Małe Dąbie bay in the south: Płonia and Chełszcząca. From the eastern side, the Komorowski and Łąka Channels flow out of the polders. The Święta River flows from the eastern shore into Dąbie, flowing out of the Oder River.

A water channel runs through Dąbie, 14.5 km long, 150 m wide and 10 m deep, connecting  Schwedt harbour on the Oder River with the Bay of Pomerania. Dąbie is the only lake in Poland accessible to seagoing ships. There are numerous marinas and sailing harbours on the shores of Lake Dąbie, and also many tourist ports:

a) the „Camping Marina”, Polish Touring Organisation (PTTK),
b) the marina of the Euro Yacht Club „Pogoń”,
c) the „Marina Hotele” yacht harbour,
d) the marina of the AZS Yacht Club,
e) the marina of the „Scouts’ Maritime Centre” Yacht Club,
f) the sailing harbour of the LOK Maritime Yacht Club,
g) the sailing harbour of the Maritime League Club „Prawobrzeże” in Szczecin,
h) the tourist harbour of the Youth Palace Maritime Centre,
i) the tourist harbour of the Goleniów Youth Sport House in Lubczyna.

Lake Dąbie is especially suitable for sailing sports, with regattas and other sailing events. In 2007, The Tall Ship Race’s finale took place in Szczecin, with large numbers of vessels from around the world. On Lake Dąbie, for the entire year, north-westerly winds dominate. The harshest conditions for sailing are in the  autumn-winter season. It is the result the small dimensions and depth of the lake (max 4.2 m). This reservoir is characterised by short waves, which can be dangerous for sailors in strong winds. Another difficulty is the large number of fishing nets.

Sailing tourism on the Szczecin Lagoon

In the Szczecin region, sailing takes place mainly on the shallow and small waters of the Szczecin Lagoon. It is characterised by a diversified shoreline. The Lagoon is a reservoir directly accessible to numerous harbours on both the Polish and German sides of the boundary. Sailing from the northern shore of Germany, you can access the waters of the Szczecin Lagoon from Stralsund. A deepened channel spans along the lagoon from Szczecin to Świnoujście. Within the Szczecin Lagoon, the main directions of the current run along the water channel, with perpendicular currents that silt it up.

The speed of the current fluctuates around 0.1 m/s, with westerly waves dominating. In the summer, the wave is max. 1.3 m, and in the autumn and winter it can reach up to 2 m with winds of 5 on the Beaufort scale. The Lagoon is connected to the Kamieński Lagoon. In this section, the waves reach 1.5 m in height and 14 m in length. In the south, the waterside is lowered. There are the following marinas and sailing ports:

a) the north-western berth in Wolin,
b) ) the Student Sports Club (UKS) „Albatros”, run by the Polish Society for the Prevention of Drug Abuse (PTZN) in Wolin,
c) the sailing harbour of the Centre of Culture and Sports in Kamień Pomorski,
d) the Town Harbour in Nowe Warpno,
e) the Main Centre of the Polish Sailing Association in Trzebież,
f) the town harbour in Trzebież,
g) the railway dock in Stepnica,
h) the „Roztoka” club behind the Fishery in Stepnica,
i) the sailing and motorboat LOK club in Stepnica.

Sailing tourism in the Baltic Sea

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The Baltic Sea is an opportunity to practise both coastal and sea sailing. The western part of the Polish coast is rich in harbours, from which short- and middle-distance voyages are run onto the Szczecin Lagoon and into Szczecin, between the ports of Westpomerania and to the Uznam and Rügen Islands, and also the Bornholm Island and to the Swedish coast. The most popular with the sailors is the Bay of Pomerania, located on the tip of a broad bay indentation of the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, between Jarosławiec and Arkona. In the Baltic Sea, there are mostly south- and north-westerly winds. The Baltic winds are strongest in the winter. There are the following marinas and sailing harbours:

a) the Northern Basin in Świnoujście,
b) the White Fleet Wharf in Dziwnów,
c) the harbour in Mrzeżyno,
d) the yacht harbour in Kołobrzeg,
e) the harbour in Darłowo.

Sailing tourism on the Westpomeranian lakes

Lake Miedwie – the fifth-biggest Polish lake. Its shape, size and location generate waves  that are perfect for sailing. Its depth is 43.8 m, and the shoreline is 39 km long. On its northern shore, it has a beach administered by the Sports and Recreation Centre of the Stargard Szczeciński.

Lake Barlineckie – it is the largest body of water in the Myśliborskie Lakeland. It is surrounded from the south and south-east by the town of Barlinek which, together with the Sports and Recreation Centre, constitutes a natural base for water tourism. The lake is 4 km long and 2 km wide. There are four islands on the lake: Owl Island, Island of Hope, the floating Green Island, and, the largest one, Swan Island. On Lake Barlineckie, there are Omega Cup competitions, qualifying for the Polish Cup in this class.

Lake Drawskie – the biggest and deepest lake in the Drawskie Lakeland (83 m). It consists of a very extensive shoreline, resembling the high cliffs, numerous bays and some peninsulas, and also 14 islands. There are also numerous recreation centres and water equipment rentals.

Lake Myśliborskie – the lake is 6.5 km long and 1.6 km wide, with a depth of around 22.3 m. The shoreline is 21 km long. There are two islands on the lake. A Water Sports Centre “Szkuner” has yacht rentals and organises sailing courses. On Lake Myśliborskie, there are also local sailing competitions.

The most dynamic sailing organisation in our region is the Westpomeranian Yachting Association in Szczecin. It has functioned continuously since 1947, conducting sports, training and organisational activities.


Westpomeranian Regional Yachting Association in Szczecin

Dworcowa Street 19
70-206 Szczecin
tel. +48 91 / 434 76 48


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.