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Paragliding is a sport for those who have always dreamt of flying, inspired by the birds. In this sport, some people look for large doses of adrenaline and intense sensations, while others prefer to rest and relax during long, individual and isolated flights.

In the Westpomeranian Region, you can really lift off and fly. The local paragliders recommend the winds on the Rewal Coast. Near Trzęsacz, west of Rewal, where the sea connects to a 20-km-long cliff, a unique kind of wind is created, called the “aerial sail”. The paraglider quickly fills itself and ascends and in a matter of seconds you can feel the taste of the sea breeze. This place is considered to be one of the best paragliding spots in Poland. The meadow needed for the lift off is expansive, the cliff is ideal for parallel flights and there is a safe landing beach. The area is quite interesting and the view from above is just beautiful.

The most brave and skilled paragliders can lift off from Wolin Island, the area near Wicko or the highest elevation on the Polish coast Gosań Mountain, near  Międzyzdroje. However, you should be aware of the fact that both areas are heavily forested. Although the saying goes that he who has never been hanging from a tree is not a real paraglider. Paragliding enthusiasts can also be encountered in Charzyno, south of Kołobrzeg and near Gryfino and Borne Sulinowo. Beginners can try recreational flights on a hoist or in tandem flights with a pilot.

Paragliders are also present in the airfields of the aero clubs in Zegrze near Koszalin and in Pomeranian and Szczecin Dąbie. You can also parachute and fly in gliders and powered paragliders. The colourful wings are increasingly more present over the Westpomeranian beaches. In Darłówek, Unieście, Pobierowo and Międzyzdroje parasailing – flying on a parachute connected with a motorboat, over the Baltic Sea waves – is gaining in popularity. The wind is blowing and the parachute rocks from side to side, so the adrenaline rush is guaranteed and you can feel like on cloud nine!

Paragliding is the least expensive air sport. It does not require any special skills nor great physical strength. The entire equipment fits into one big backpack and weighs a dozen or so kilograms. Paragliding in Poland is supervised by the General Inspectorate of Civil Aviation through the Polish Aero Club.

The „L” licence training course usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks. Such a licence allows flying with the wind reaching 5 m/s to 10 m/s above the starting point and without using the rising currents (gliding only). The course is often connected with H training (towing) After the course, the experience can be compared to this of a new car driver. In order to gain confidence and not only fly downwards, additional months of exercises and perfect handling of the basic manoeuvres (like turns and landing approach) is needed. Only instinctive carrying out of the manoeuvres will ensure staying in the rising current and avoiding collisions with other pilots.

Additional information can be obtained in:

1) The Baltic Aero Club

78-111 Ustronie Morskie, Bagicz
tel. +48 604 078 879

2) The Koszalin Aero Club

The Zegrze Pomorskie Airport
tel. +48 94 / 316 45 48

3) The Szczecin Aero Club

Przestrzenna Street 10
70-800 Szczecin
tel. +48 91 / 461 42 26
fax. +48 91 /461 55 50

4) The Aircraft Association

Szpitalna Street 1
78-449 Borne Sulinowo

5) The „Glajt” School of  Free Flight

Młyńska Street 11/11
78-100 Kołobrzeg
tel. +48 94 / 354 46 01

6) Ultralight Aviation Dariusz Łomatko

Wierciszewo, the Sianów municipality
tel. +48 94 / 342 25 74


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