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Świnoujście is an amazing city located on three islands – Wolin, Uznam and Karsibór. Its 41 satellite islands, abundant with reed beds, gave this scenic area the nickname of the Land of the 44 Islands. Surrounded by water, the city undoubtedly benefits from that fact.

Both the calmer waters of Szczecin Lagoon and the Oder River, and the open Baltic Sea, offer perfect conditions for indulging in water sports of all kinds. This health resort, with a population of 40 thousand residents, being also a harbour and a watering place, once served as an unconquerable maritime fortress.

You can immerse yourself in this military aura by taking a sightseeing tour to some well-preserved 19th-Century fortifications fringing the city: Angel’s Fort, Gerhard’s Fort, and the Western Fort. The industrial character of the harbour is reflected primarily in the Wolin part of Świnoujście. It is a border city, so a visit to Świnoujście creates an excellent opportunity to stop off at some nearby German towns and cities. When in the city it’s worth taking a stroll through Zdrojowy (Spa) Park, climb the view tower, a remnant of a former Protestant Church, and visit the neo-Gothic BVM Star of the Sea Church, and the 17th-Century Christ the King Church.

This is, of course, apart from the must-go-to beach, separated from the city with a strip of protected sand dunes. Świnoujście is also a place where many highly-inviting walking and bicycle trails have their start, not to mention the close vicinity of the magnificent Wolin National Park, boasting great diversity.

As a health resortŚwinoujście is famous, above all, for its pure maritime climate, iodine-rich air and therapeutic peat deposits, as well as its unique iodine-bromide-sodium saline springs. The city’s tradition of health treatments has its roots in 1822, when patients came to enjoy sea bathing, popular at the time. When in 1897 the saline springs were discovered, Świnoujście gained in popularity and, with time, emerged as one of the most attractive health resorts Europe-wide, and when there are some of the finest health resorts on offer, too!

All the local sanatoriums and nature-treatment facilities will appeal even to the most discerning of tastes. Świnoujście offers treatment for respiratory, cardiac, and dermatological conditions, obesity, and diseases of the motor and circulatory systems, and facilitates post-mastectomy recovery. As well as professional curative treatment, visitors can also take advantage of individual sessions or comprehensive beauty and relaxation therapies.

To keep the boredom away, in the holiday season the tourists are indeed inundated with regular events and a multitude of cultural festivals, such as the Carousel of Coolture, the FAMA, the „Windmill” Sea Shanty Festival, the „Musical Shell” (Concert Bowl) concerts, and the Summer upon the Świna, to mention just a few.

The Świnoujście Health Resort has at its disposal:

a) eight sanatorium facilities situated in the seaside district: „Bursztyn”, „Swarożyc”, „Admirał I”, „Światowid”, „Adam-Ewa”, „Bałtyk”, „Trzygłów”, „Henryk”,
b) the Centre of Rehabilitation „Rusałka” – a cutting-edge treatment facility adjusted to catering for the disabled, it handles about 30 types of therapy (air-conditioned);
c) the Natural Medicine Plant „Bałtyk” – a disabled-person-friendly facility, it provides 20 types of therapy and has the only saline pool in the city, where rehabilitation gymnastics classes take place;
d) the Health Resort Restaurant Complex, serving traditional Polish cuisine.

The Świnoujście Health Resort provides services in::

a) sanatorium and hospital treatments with a referral from NFZ (the National Health Fund),
b) out-patient treatment with a referral from NFZ,
c) early cardio-rehabilitation with referral from specialist hospitals,
d) sanatorium stays with treatment,
e) holiday and vacation visits,
f) slimming holidays,
g) treatments.

The Świnoujście Health Resort provides

a) advanced hotel and spa facilities, offering disabled-friendly accommodation – high-standard rooms with satellite TV, fridges, wireless kettles, telephones, and Internet access;
b) full board (light or standard diet);
c) full-time medical and nursing care;
d) a wide range of natural-treatment sessions (about 50 types) based on natural ingredients: mud packs, and iodine-bromide-sodium saline (saline baths, peat poultices, dry and underwater massages, Scotch douches, electrotherapy, and low-level laser therapy);
e) biological regeneration, sauna, and solarium.

The Świnoujście Health Resort also features various extras:

a) fitness classes,
b) sauna,
c) jaccuzi,
d) solarium,
e) evening dancing parties,
f) car park,
g) domestic and foreign trips.

The Świnoujście Health Resort specialises in treating the following problems:

a) cardiac,
b) skin,
c) pulmonary,
d) rheumatic diseases,
e) locomotor,
f) respiratory,
g) circulatory system disorders,
h) post-mastectomy recovery,
i) obesity.

For additional information and prices please visit our website or call:
Uzdrowisko Świnoujście S.A.
Treatment Services Facility

Customer Information Desk
E. Gierczak Street 1
72-600 Świnoujście
tel. +48 91 321 44 52
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Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.