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Kamień Pomorski

Picturesquely located by Kamień Bay, Kamień Pomorski is one of the oldest towns in Westpomerania. Its rich past is reflected in its superbly-preserved historical monuments – gems of religious and secular architecture.

This small town lies just within a few kilometres’ distance of the sea. The interesting history of the town, which had hosted one of the first bishoprics in Westpomerania, invites everyone to see its monuments, concentrated around the Old Town and the Cathedral Complex. The most exciting must-sees include the Romanesque-Gothic John the Baptist Basilica, the Bishop’s Palace, the parsonage, the Dean’s house, and the nearby garth, with several precious tree species.

The cathedral, with its high-class Baroque pipe organs, has been hosting the International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music for 45 years now. In 2008 the Festival was honoured in the competition organised by the Marshal of the Westpomeranian Region for an event which best promotes the region.

Visitors will also

be attracted by the Gothic-Renaissance Town Hall, painstakingly rebuilt from the post-war devastation, and a partially-preserved system of former fortifications with defensive walls, moats and the Wolin Gate and Tower – currently the Museum of Stones.

Sport is healthy. This popular saying best embodies what Kamień Pomorski has to offer its visitors. The town, surrounded by the bodies of water of the Straits of Dziwna, Kamień Bay, and Cicha Bay, gives you an opportunity to engage in any kind of water sports, from angling, canoeing, sailing, to windsurfing and kite surfing. Those who prefer to enjoy sporting emotions from an observer’s point of view will not be disappointed either. Each year, Kamień Bay becomes a battlefield in the qualifying round of the Optimist European and World Sailing Championships, as well as other regatta and fishing competitions.

Kamień Pomorski is also a seaside health resort with peat-mud deposits and saline springs, which, combined with its maritime climate, allow it to be a centre for treating rheumatic disorders, locomotor and circulatory system diseases, and neurological issues. It also provides remedies in orthopaedic, cardiological, and post-mastectomy recovery. Visitors can take advantage of sanatoriums and physiotherapeutic facility, which provides a variety of professional beauty treatments and procedures.

The clients of the Kamień Pomorski Health Resort can take advantage of:

a) five sanatorium facilities: the „Chrobry”, „Mieszko” spa hospital, „Gryf”, „Dąbrówka” and the physiotherapy facility „Feniks”,

b) the location in Zdrojowy Park amidst greenery and away from the big-city uproar;
c) treatments in sanatoriums, the physiotherapy facility and in an indoor swimming pool;
d) treatment facilities available 6 days a week;
e) primary therapies: rheumatology, neurology, circulatory system disorders, cardiology and orthopaedics.

The Kamień Pomorski Health Resort provides:

a) natural therapeutic resources: peat-mud and saline;

b) treatment procedures for post-mastectomy women, electrotherapy, phototherapy, saline baths, mud packs and many others;
c) a unique Salt Cave to unwind and relax in the microclimate of the natural salt cave;
d) massage sessions – traditional and underwater;
e) baths – in saline and in carbonic acid;
f) physical therapy;
g) for those who value peaceful intellectual leisure – chess tables in the green setting of Zdrojowy Park;
h) external attractions – excursions, performances, concerts, boat races.

The Kamień Pomorski Health Resort recommends:

a) the „Active Leisure” package (relaxation through movement);
b) the „Pensioner” package (health recovery and regeneration);
c) the „Slim line” package (fit figure – not only for women);
d) the „Stress-Free Weekend” package (3 days of repose and rest);
e) the holiday or New-Year stay (family atmosphere and quality leisure).

The resort will also gladly welcome companies who wish to organise conferences and training events or biological regeneration sessions for their staff.

For additional information and prices please visit our website or call:

Uzdrowisko Kamień Pomorski Sp. z o.o.

Marketing Office
Szpitalna Street 13
72-400 Kamień Pomorski
tel. +48 91 382 50 43 or + 48 91 382 50 42
fax. +48 91 382 11 35


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.