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Połczyn Zdrój

Połczyn-Zdrój is the only health resort situated in the picturesque land of the Drawsko Lakeland. It is located within a distance of 57 km of Koszalin and 150km of Szczecin. The location of the town in a valley, amidst moraine hills, lakes and woods – in part belonging to the Drawsko Landscape Park – create its appealing quality and invaluable climatic and curative value.

The town boasts the marvellous Zdrojowy Park, covering the vast area of 80ha and dense undergrowth, an outstanding amphitheatre, fountains and water systems, crossed with a network of lanes. It houses sanatoriums, a mineral water pump room „Joasia”, tennis courts, 2 outdoor and 1 indoor swimming pool (in the „Gryf” Spa Treatment Facility), a volleyball court, a giant chess board, numerous cafés, a 3-kilometre fitness trail, and a recently-built 23ha artificial lake, which added a lot to the park landscape and became a favourite spot for anglers and strollers. The park is also a perfect place for enthusiasts of active leisure in the form of jogging or Nordic walking.

One of the town’s attractions is its charming, historic Old Town with the Market Square and a fountain, the adjoining streets and pedestrian precinct surrounded by historic tenements, a mediaeval church and a castle. The town has also something to offer for sport enthusiasts. Its newly-built sports and entertainment hall, combined with the spa and rehabilitation sanatorium facilities, make it a perfect place for the organisation of fitness camps.

Due to its highly-diversified lie of the land, the area around Połczyn-Zdrój is often referred to as the „Połczyn Switzerland”. The beauty of its landscape can be experienced when walking on marked hiking trails. Well worth taking is also a foot or bicycle trip along the historic „Salt Trail” that served for transporting salt from the Baltic seaside to the Wielkopolska region in the past.

Połczyn-Zdrój is also a great staging area for foot and bicycle excursions, canoeing trips and horse rides. Especially, we can recommend the following cycling tours: along the bicycle path over an inactive railway embankment from Połczyn-Zdrój to Złocieniec, along the blue trail through the „Dębnica Proglacial Stream Valley” and the red „Szwajcaria Połczyńska Trail”. The trail goes through Drawsko Landscape Park, including the oak forests of the „Five Lakes Valley” nature reserve.

For those interested in experiencing the marvels of the Drawsko Lakeland panorama it’s worth climbing the viewing tower (48 m), topping the largest hill in the area called Wola Mountain (219 m above sea level). In the area of Połczyn Zdrój you will rest in a truly rural atmosphere, created by the agritourism farms situated amidst forests and lakes and offering, among other things, full board with home-grown products, and active participation in the daily life on the farm.

The Połczyn Zdrój Health Resort has the deepest-rooted tradition among settings of this kind in the northern Poland. Over the centuries, this area facilitated the cultivation of grapevines, and the production of glass and stained glass. Later it was also engaged in the production of beer until 1688, and the discovery of therapeutic water springs and peat deposits. Since then the town has started to develop rapidly as a health resort and has been focussed in this direction ever since. In 1705 the first sanatorium started operating here. Two of such establishments built at the turn of the 20th Century have survived into modern times. Severely besieged and devastated in the country’s many wars, the town restored its splendour and successfully reclaimed its function as a health resort.

Today Połczyn is said to be a „resort with a soul”. It is one of the most welcoming health resorts in Poland. It is successful in treatment and the recovery of neurological, orthopaedic, rheumatic and gynaecological disorders. Patients will be taken care of by the personnel of sanatoriums operating in the town’s most inviting section.

The Połczyn Zdrój Health Resort provides:

a) four sanatorium facilities: „Gryf”, „Irena”, „Borkowo”, „Podhale”,
b) high-standard rooms;
c) all-day medical and nursing care;
d) treatment facilities available 7 days a week in your lodging;
e) treatment profiles: rheumatology, neurology, orthopaedics, gynaecology;
f) rehabilitation treatment; referrals from NFZ (National Health Fund), ZUS (Social Insurance Company);
g) conferences, training sessions;
h)a newly-opened, superbly equipped fitness suite.

The „SPA – Zdrojowe Zacisze” (SPA Repose) Zone features

a) a recently-opened facility;
b) high-standard rooms;
c) body and face treatments, massages;
d) a spa capsule;
e) hydrotherapy rooms;
f) jacuzzi with heated loungers;
g) ssaunas;
h) mud & steam room;
i) manicure and pedicure rooms;
j) treatment sessions with specialists using professional cosmetics.

The Połczyn Zdrój Health Resort provides:

a) natural treatment materials: therapeutic peat and saline,
b) an array of over 50 treatments, including peat poultices, peat tampons, etc.
c) various massages: with hot stones and herbal balls, reflexive foot massage, peat, slimming, classical, underwater, and vibration massages, and relaxation face massage;
d) active leisure: indoor swimming pool with sauna, outdoor swimming pool, aqua aerobics, bicycle path, hiking trails, Nordic walking;
e) a daily dose of dance and music, as well as trips and other attractions.

The Połczyn Zdrój Health Resort recommends ready-made packages for:

a) the traditionalists – classic spa treatment;
b) the indecisive – condensed treatment;
c) the pensioners – treatment for seniors;
d) the weightwatchers – a slim figure;
e) the busy bees – a weekend escape;
f) companies – conferences and training sessions;
g) bridge enthusiasts – the Spa Bridge Congress (in January);
h) anyone – holiday and New-Year stays.

For additional information and prices please visit our website or call:

Uzdrowisko Połczyn Zdrój S.A.

Sales Department
Zdrojowa Street 6
78-320 Połczyn Zdrój
tel. +48 94 366 21 65 or +48 94 366 26 86
fax. +48 94 366 21 65

SPA Zdrojowe Zacisze

Solankowa Street 8
78-320 Połczyn Zdrój
tel. +48 94 366 26 73
fax. +48 94 366 21 34


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.