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National Parks

A National Park is a form of protecting nature in a given area, established under the Regulation of the Council of Ministers, in order to protect animal nature present in the area, where the possibility of performing business activity and settling down is restricted by law. Any creation or change to the park’s boundaries require acceptance from proper institutions of the Local Government.

Under the Environmental Protection Act of 2004, a National Park is defined as „an area protected because of its natural, historical, cultural and scenic values, with an area above 1000 ha, where the whole wildlife and landscapes are protected”. It is a an area which can be visited by tourists.

Within a National Park’s boundaries three protective areas can be distinguished: strict, partial and landscape protection areas. Around a National Park a buffer zone is delineated. A protection plan for a National Park is developed and implemented. A National Park is a budget entity. It is managed by a Director of a National Park.

Within the Westpomeranian region are 2 out of 23 Polish National Parks:

a) Wolin National Park (area: 109,37 km2)
b) Drawa National Park (area: 113,42 km2).


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