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Landscape Parks

A Landscape Park is a form of protecting nature which includes actions taken up in the protected area. Landscape parks are established due to the natural, historical and cultural values and also the scenic values of the given areas, in order to preserve and popularise those values in the sustained development conditions.

A landscape park is established by a resolution of a regional parliament, after negotiations with a given city council. In a landscape park there is a the possibility of performing business activity with some restrictions, however, the construction of new buildings is not anticipated, except for the needs of the local residents. Landscape parks are meant to be tourism and education tools.

The following landscape parks are located within the Westpomeranian Region:

a) The Lower Oder Valley Landscape Park (area: 60.09 km2)
b) The Ińsko Landscape Park (area: 177.60 km2)
c) The Drawsko Landscape Park (area: 414.30 km2)
d) The Cedynia Landscape Park (area: 308.5 km2)
e) The Barlinek-Gorzów Landscape Park (area: 239,83 km2)
f) The Szczecin Landscape Park (area: 90.96 km2)

One should also visit the beautiful „Valley of Love” Park, by the German border, in Zatoń Dolna.


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