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The Lower Oder Valley LP

The Lower Oder Valley Landscape Park was established in 1993. In was created in the Międzyodrze region, which is a flood plain between the Western Oder and the Eastern Oder (the Regalica). A first it was a little smaller but it was extended (at the expense of its buffer zone) in 1996 up to 6009 ha. Just like the German Lower Oder Valley National Park, it was established within Polish-German trans-border project for the protection of this region.

Within The Lower Oder Valley Landscape Park boundaries there is a dense network of oxbow lakes, canals and pools; their total length exceeds 200 km. The slightly above the sea level (0.1-0.5 m) results in the fact that the area is flooded frequently. Due to this fact, a huge peatland evolved here and it is the biggest fluviogenic (coming from a river) low peatland in Central Europe. Numerous plant and animal species considered to be dying or endangered can be found here.

In general, over 427 plant species have been observed in the park. One may encounter here, among others, floating fern, fringed water lily, sedge and reed which can be found in all the Park.

Also many animal species, mainly water and marsh animals, inhabit the Lower Oder Valley Landscape Park. The waters, which constitute over 12% of the park’s surface, create the environment for living, dwelling and feeding for about 120 fish species, such as pike, bream, eel, tench, catfish, perch and zander.

NBirds are the most numerous group of animals in the Lower Oder Valley National Park. There are over 250 bird species here. Międzyodrze is a place where thousands of ducks, geese and cranes rest. The colonies of the latter have as many as up to 15 thousand birds. Among endangered species in the area of the whole of Europe, one may encounter white-tailed sea eagles, ospreys, kites (black and red), short-eared owls and aquatic warblers, unique on a global scale.

The Międzyodrze region is also inhabitetd by protected mammals: the beaver and the otter. Beaver lodges that can be found here house over 20 beaver families. Apart from beavers also pine and beech martens, weasels, racoon dogs, badgers, foxes, wild boars and roe deer can be observed here.

The Lower Oder Valley Landscape Park is situated in an area which has been partly transformed by people. By the end of the 20th Century regulation works on the Oder were carried out. Then the new channelised East Oder River (Regalica), from Widuchowa to Gryfino, was created. The old Oder beds were cut off, and now they form oxbow lakes, which are so plentiful in this region.

Within the Lower Oder Valley Landscape Park borders there are two natural reserves:

a) „Kurowskie Błota” reserve (area: 31 ha) – its aim is to protect grey heron breeding colonies, whose population amounts to 600 couples.

b) „Kanał Kwiatowy” reserve (area: 3 ha) – the reserve is located in an oxbow-lake area. It was established to protect extremely rare water and marsh plants, such as the fringed water lily.

Park Administration:

The Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection, Local Affairs Department in Gryfino

The building of the former border crossing point Gryfino – Mescherin
74-100 Gryfino
Tel. +48 91 / 415 01 39
Fax. +48 91 / 415 01 39


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.