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The Valley of Love

On the east bank of the Oder, in the section between Szczecin and Cedynia, there are many places which enchant the tourist with the beauty of the terrain, the lavishness of nature, the vastness of the sights on the river valley and the Oder-side villages and towns. There is, however, one place among them whose beauty has been shaped not only by nature, but also by the passion and work of several generations living by the river.

This place is the landscape and nature park bearing the Romantic name of „The Valley of Love”, located between Krajnik Dolny, Krajnik Górny and Zatoń Dolna, in the Chojna Commune. It covers the area of ca. 80 ha, and is located on hills, which were earlier called the Zatoń Hills, with steep slopes falling into the Oder, cut by deep ravines and smooth valleys.

The Park boasts outstanding scenery. The nearby woods feature granite stones with names carved on them – Bach’s, Beethoven’s, Goethe’s, and also those of Prussian field marshals’ and reformers’. The stones are the remainder of the Valley of Love (Tal der Liebe) established in mid-19th Century by the owner of the local estate Anna von Humbert. Zatoń Dolna was a tourist pearl before the War. Excursion boats from Belin moored in the fishing marina. People went straight to a restaurant, and there were seven of those. Young lovers from Brandenburg came to the Valley of Love to get engaged.

It is said that Anna von Humbert created the park during her husband’s absence as a pleasant surprise and gift from the loving wife. It was to be confirmed by a banner which she ordered to hang at the park entrance, which read „Welcome to the valley created by love”. This welcomed not only her husband, but also the invited guests, which included the author of an article on an event which was published in a gazette in Schwedt. This author, judge Maennell, while he was describing the event, used the words „The Valley of Love„, and the name, against the will and intention of the owner, caught on and became the proper name for the park.

The nature of the Valley of Love has changed over the century. It is still changing with the seasons -, each year the cycle is renewed from spring to autumn. Today, what was formerly a park is a forest which gives shelter to 270 species of plants, 15 of which are protected. Orchids deserve particular attention – the white helleborine, the common twayblade, bear leak, and viola mirabilis. The hills of the Valley of Love are covered mainly with beech, which, as in the whole Pomerania, is extant in two varieties – the fertile and the barren. The slope on which Romantic ruins once stood is now reigned over by the beech forest.

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