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Near Szczecin, at the south-east end of the Beech Forest, among the hills overgrown with dense beech wood, you may find a Garden, where you can easily travel in space and time. It is the Dendrological Garden in Glinna. The rare and interesting trees and bushes that grow here take us to the furthest parts of the world and give us a notion of the beauty and ageless permanence of the world of plants.

A dendrological garden or arboretum is a special type of botanical garden devoted to trees and bushes. It has many purposes – scientific, educational, aesthetic and recreational. The Dendrological Garden in Glinna fulfils them all, often becoming a home for the cultivation of many species of trees and bushes in Poland. Its unique microclimate, together with the Atlantic climate of Westpomerania, create excellent conditions for the cultivation of species that often freeze in other parts of Poland. The facility is owned by the State Forests.

The Arboretum offers different forms of didactics, training and educational activities adressed to kids and teenagers, students, scientists, teachers, circles of interests, etc. The variety of species of plants and bushes of different kinds, with ornamental flowers and fruit, different leaf shapes and autumn colours, and decorative outer bark allow the participants of the classes to see the diversity and beauty of the plants. For the needs of education, the „Secrets of Trees” educational path was established. About 12 000 people use the didactic package every year.

In the garden one may encounter, among others:

a) a Greek fir that has the biggest perimeter in Poland,
b) Spanish firs,
c) sweet chestnuts,
d) Caucasian wingnut,
e) Etna English laurels,
f) dawn redwood,
g) cowtail pine,
h) Japanese cedar,
i) Japanese larch,
j) Lebanon cedar,
k) Chinese sweetshrub,
l) paper mulberry,
ł) wintersweets,
m) hazels,
n) dipteronia sinensis,
o) Devil’s clubs,
p) Chinese tulip tree,
r) stewartias,
s) giant and noble firs,
t) Douglas firs,
u) Canadian hemlocks,
w) hickory,
x) giant sequoias,
y) Baker’s cypress,
z) American sweetgum.

American sweetgum.The facility is open for visitors between 15 March and 31 October.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.

The entrance ticket costs:

adults – PLN 4.00
kids and students – PLN 2.00

Additonal information and prices may be found on the website or on the phone:

The Gryfino Forest Inspectorate
LKP (Promotional Forest Complex) Division

First May Street 4
74-100 Gryfino
tel. 91 / 416 34 42
fax. 91 / 416 34 42


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