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The Westpomeranian Region – find us, visit us, and you won’t be disappointed!

Westpomeranian Region is situated in the north-west part of Poland. On the west, it borders Germany, its neighbour to the east is the Pomeranian Region, the Wielkopolskie Region being its neighbour to the south-east and the Lubush Region neighbouring in the south. The Region covers 22,892.48 km2 and has a population of 1,693,000. The population density is 74 people per km2. The region is divided into 21 counties and 114 municipalities. The counties include:


a) Szczecin (Township),
b) Koszalin (Township),
c) Świnoujście (Township),
d) Białogard County,
e) Choszczno County,
f) Drawsko County,
g) Goleniów County,
h) Gryfice County,
i) Gryfino County,
j) Kamień Pomorski County,
k) Kołobrzeg County,
l) Koszalin County,
ł) Łobez County,
m) Myślibórz County,
n) Police County,
o) Pyrzyce County,
p) Sławno County,
r) Stargard Szczeciński County,
s) Szczecinek County,
t) Świdwin County,
u) Wałwałecki.

Szczecin – the capital of the region – is an important centre for administration,

 the economy, industry, science and culture. The city is situated on the lower bank of the Oder River, approx. 65 km from the Baltic Sea and 130 km from the capital of Germany – Berlin. For those who travel by car, the most convenient way to get to Szczecin is via the national road No. 3,6,10, the A11 motorway from Berlin or the A20 motorway from Lübeck. Szczecin has a civilian airport in Goleniów and a well-developed rail network. Visitors from Sweden and Denmark can make use of modern ferry crossings to get to Szczecin, as there is a ferry slip in Świnoujście.

With a population of 405 thousand (as at 30.12.2010), Szczecin is the largest city in the region. Other important urban areas include:


a) Koszalin (population 107 thousand),
b) Stargard Szczeciński (69 thousand),
c) Kołobrzeg (44 thousand),
d) Świnoujście (40 thousand),
e) Szczecinek (38 thousand),
f) Police (33 thousand),
g) Wałcz (25 thousand),
h) Białogard (24 thousand),
i) Goleniów (22 thousand),
j) Gryfino (21 thousand),
k) Nowogard (16 thousand),
l) Gryfice (16 thousand),
ł) Choszczno (15 thousand),
m) Świdwin (15 thousand),
n) Barlinek (14 thousand),
o) Darłowo (13 thousand),
p) Dębno (13 thousand),
r) Złocieniec (13 thousand),
s) Sławno (13 thousand),
t) Pyrzyce (12 thousand),
u) Myślibórz (11 thousand),
w) Drawsko Pomorskie (11 thousand),
x) Łobez (10 thousand),
y) Trzebiatów (10 thousand).

Nearly 35% of the Region’s area is forested, featuring rare flora and protected species of game and birds. Within the Region, there are 2 national parks (the Wolin National Park and the Drawa National Park), 6 landscape parks (the Barlinek-Gorzów Landscape Park, the Cedynia Landscape Park, the Lower Oder River Valley Park, the Szczecin Landscape Park, the Ińsko Landscape Park, and the Drawsko Landscape Park) and 75 natural reserves.

 The Region is abundant in water bodies, including a 189-km sea shore, Szczecin Lagoon (410 km2), the lakelands: Drawskie, Ińskie, Myśliborskie and Wałeckie, accounting for 46% of the Region’s area. Out of 1250 lakes, 7 have an area of over 1000 hectares, with the 79.8-metre-deep Lake Drawsko being the second deepest lake in Poland. The Region covers a network of 45 rivers with their tributaries. The largest river in the Region is the Oder River, and Wolin (with an area of 265 km2) is the biggest island off the Polish sea-coast.

 Those who like to indulge in engaging leisure activities can choose from a variety of active forms of tourism – sailing, canoeing, trekking and cycling, horse-riding tourism or golf. There are numerous tourist trails leading through the most picturesque parts of the Region. Local health resorts in Kołobrzeg, Połczyn Zdrój, Świnoujście, Kamień Pomorski and Dąbki draw mainly from rich peloid resources and brine springs to provide therapies.


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.