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Drawskie Lakeland is a truly green land, ideal for those seeking rest in its woods and waters, but away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches and large resorts.

Typically, the Drawskie Lakeland is a mosaic of picturesque, forested moraine hills, among which are numerous lakes interconnected with swift brooks and streams. Drawskie Lakeland is a paradise for sailors and anglers, the watercourses – also full of fish – are attractive routes for kayaking adventures. Moreover, in the deep glacial troughs there are numerous primeval lakes of surprising depth.

Drawskie Lakeland is the largest lakeland in the Westpomeranian Region, both in terms of area, as well as the number of lakes and their size. There are 587 lakes larger than one hectare. The largest lakes are Drawsko, Dołgie, Ciemino, Komorze, Lubie, Pile, Siecino, Trzesiecko, Wąsosze, Wielimie, Wierzchowo, Wilczkowo, Żerdno.

The Drawskie Lakeland is a physical and geographical meso-region. It is located in the central part of Westpomerania Lakeland. The largest rivers of Drawskie Lakeland are Drawa, Gwda and Piława (the Gwda River estuary). In Drawskie Lakeland, the Parsęta and Rega Rivers have their sources.

In the central part of the Lakeland, there is the Drawsko Landscape Park, encompassing eight Nature reserves. In total, there are twelve Nature reserves and three protected landscape areas in the Lakeland. Unique varieties of plants are represented in the form of magnificent five hundred year old oaks and beeches, as well as by orchids and Daphne mezereum. Among the protected animals, there is the white-tailed sea eagle, the marsh turtle, the European beaver, etc.

Drawskie Lakeland is well prepared to receive tourists who come here for a mere weekend, as well as those who planned an extended vacation not only full of sunbathing, but which involves healthy adventure. Numerous campsites, holiday resorts, guest-houses and agritourism centres, well-prepared trails for hiking, cycling and horse-riding, its kayak routes and water ski rentals – all of this encourages the active vacationer.

The largest towns in Drawskie Lakeland include: Szczecinek, Drawsko Pomorskie, Czaplinek, Złocieniec. There are 22 lakes that are greater in area than 100 ha. The list of these includes:

a) Drawsko (area 1871,5 ha, depth 83 m),
b) Lubie (area 1439 ha, depth 46 m),
c) Adamowo (area 1100 ha, depth 34 m),
d) Siecino (area 743 ha, depth 48 m),
e) Komorze (area 416,7 ha, depth 35 m),
f) Wilczkowo (area 285 ha, depth 26 m),
g) Wąsosze (area 284 ha, depth 8,5 m),
h) Przytonko (area 266 ha),
i) Żerdno (area 205 ha, depth 35 m),
j) Zarańsko (area 186 ha, depth 21 m),
k) Makowary (area 180,5 ha, depth 33 m),
l) Krosino (area 177 ha, depth 17 m),
ł) Nobliny (area 171 ha, depth 17 m),
m) Bucież (area 150 ha, depth 29 m),
n) Dołgie (area 147 ha),
o) Krzemno (area 145 ha, depth 36 m),
p) Trzebuń (area 136 ha, depth 20 m),
r) Krzywe Dębsko (area 122 ha, depth 10 m),
s) Kaleńsko (area 115 ha, depth 24 m),
t) Czaple (area 114 ha, depth 25,7 m),
u) Czaplino (area 110 ha, depth 22 m),
w) Ostrowiec (area 107,5 ha, depth 7,5 m).

Drawskie Lakeland also contains the following marinas:

a) „BosMan” in Czaplinek (Czaplino),
b) „U Jacka” harbour, in Czaplinek (Drawsko),
c) P.T.i R, „Drawtur”, in Czaplinek (Drawsko),
d) PUT „Omega”, in Czaplinek (Drawsko),
e) „Wajk” camping resort, in Piaseczno (Drawsko),
f) „Aquarius” camping and recreation resort, in Stare Drawsko (Drawsko),
g) „Taurus” resort, in Linowo (Lubie),
h) „Bay Harbour” guesthouse, in Lubieszewo (Lubie),
i) PPU „Jermak”, in Drawsko Pomorskie (Lubie),
j) „Drawa” recreational resort, in Cieszyn (Siecino),
k) „Ekoeden” recreational resort, in Cieszyn (Siecino).

Drawskie Lakeland has more than 4 000 beds available for the weary traveller. In coming to Drawskie Lakeland, due to its degree of forestation and its large number of lakes and watercourses, the road network is not well-developed. However, most large towns here are connected by scheduled rail service.

In Drawskie Lakeland, the following water equipment rental centres cater to tourists:

a) „Delfin” Tourist Agency, in Czaplinek,
b) the Tourist Office „Makówka”, in Czaplinek,
c) the Tourist Office „Irena”, in Czaplinek,
d) „Drawsko Yacht Charter”, in Czaplinek,
e) „Yachts” Jerzy Grabowiec, in Czaplinek,
f) the Water Sports Centre, in Czaplinek,
g) Janusz Matyjaszek, transport and kayaking services, in Drawno,
h) P.H.U. „DrawaTur”, in Drawno,
i) „Piusk” Henryk Kojałowicz, in Drawno,
j) „Super wypoczynek” („Super recreation”), in Drawno,
k) „Emilex” Multi-branch Services, in Drawno,
l) Ewa and Leszek Mazurkiewicz, in Drawsko Pomorskie,
ł) „Skiff-Slalom”, in Drawsko Pomorskie,
m) „Delfin” Water Sports Centre on Lake Lubie, in Gudowo (the Drawsko Pomorskie municipality),
n) the recreational resort „Relax”, in Gudowo,
o) P.H.U.”Jermak”, in Gudowo,
p) the town beach in Kalisz Pomorski,
r) PUT „Lakeland”, in Kalisz Pomorski.

Drawskie Lakeland also has the following water sports centres:

a) „BosMan” on Lake Czaplino, in Czaplinek,
b) the Water Sports Centre on Lake Drawsko, in Czaplinek,
c) „U Jacka” harbour on Lake Drawsko, in Czaplinek,
d) P.T.i R. „Drawtur” on Lake Drawsko, in Czaplinek,
e) PUT „Omega” on Lake Drawsko, in Czaplinek,
f) „Wajk” camping resort on Lake Drawsko, in Piaseczno,
g) „Aquarius” recreation and leisure resort on Lake Drawsko, in Stare Drawsko,
h) „Delfin” Water Sports Centre on Lake Lubie, in Gudowo,
i) „Relax” Holiday resort on Lake Lubie, in Gudowo,
j) P.H.U. „Jermak” on Lake Lubie, in Gudowo,
k) „Taurus” resort on Lake Lubie, in Linowo (the Drawsko Pomorskie municipality),
l) „Drawa” Recreational Resort on Lake Siecino, in Cieszyn (the Złocieniec municipality),
ł) „Ekoeden” Recreational Resort on Lake Siecino, in Cieszyn,
m) „Bay Harbour” guesthouse on Lake Lubie, in Lubieszewo (the Złocieniec municipality).

In Drawskie Lakeland, tourists can join the following sailing and kayaking clubs:

a) Czaplinek Sailing Brotherhood, by the Water Sports Centre in Czaplinek,
b) „Yacht Club Jermak” Sailing Club, in Gudowo (the Drawsko Pomorskie municipality),
c) „Yacht-Ster” Sailing Club, in Gudowo,
d) „Szkwał” Students’ Sports Club, in Złocieniec.

Drawskie Lakeland has three diving bases. These are:

a) the Diving Base on Lake Drawsko – „Drawtur” recreational resort, in Czaplinek,
b) ZCT „Octo”, on Lake Drawsko, in Czaplinek,
c) „Shark” Diving Centre, on Lake Siecino, in the Złocieniec municipality.

Tourists can also cruise Lake Drawsko, from Czaplinek, by way of the „Aquarius” motorboat; the „Europa” ship (in the summer season) and the comfortable P.T. i R. „Drawtur” ship.


Zadanie współfinansowane ze środków Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.